User Guide

Welcome to iTouchMidi !

Thank you for choosing our products
We hope you enjoy them and integrate them in your "toolbox"

Please consider this user guide is a "work in progress"
As such it is still missing some content and we are still finding out the best way to organize it for you

We hope to quickly complete it with all the essential info about our apps and welcome suggestions on how to improve it

As complement our forums are also full of interesting tips from other users
Please remember to post you own ;)

So, let´s get started...


What is a midi controller ?

We had to start with this question,
as there are still a fair amount of users that ask why the iTM apps don´t produce ay sound on their own...

Wikipedia: "a hardware or software which generates and transmits MIDI data to MIDI-enabled devices"

This basically means that a midi controller does not produce any sound !
it is just a way to control / interface with any kind of midi enabled software or hardware

As you can probably understand a little better now
none of the iTM apps are able to produce any sound but if you use them to control a soft synth (for example )
they will then allow you to play it thru their UI (user interface)

You can use iTM apps to control not only soft synths but any software that is midi enabled
In audio world this means software and hardware synths and fx, daw control, etc

Midi is also extensively used to control different applications dedicated to VJing, Video editing, among many others...

Installing iTouchmidi on your computer

To install the desktop server application you need to download the correct iTouchMidi version for your operating system.

You can download the applications from the downloads section in this website or directly from your iPhone/iPod touch even without internet connection (useful for anytime you need to get the server app in some computer and have no internet around).

How to transfer the app directly from your device:

1 Tab on the lower button to enable access

Instaling iTouchmidi on your computer
Instaling iTouchmidi on your computer

2 Put the displayed address in the computer web browser address bar:
Instaling iTouchmidi on your computer

you can also take advantage of bonjour network on safari for even easier networking, just turn on bonjour tab in safari bookmarks preferences and iTouchmidi OSX & WIN will show up in the Bonjour tab whenever you turn on sharing

Instaling iTouchmidi on your computer

Instaling iTouchmidi on your computer

3 Download the appropriate iTouchmidi app to your operating system:

Instaling iTouchmidi on your computer

4 Install

OSX : to install iTouchmidi OSX you need to drag the iTouchmidi OSX into your applications folders and run it from there.

Instaling iTouchmidi on your computer

Instaling iTouchmidi on your computer

WIN : run the iTouchmidi WIN Installer and follow the instructions in the IMPORTANT content html file.

5 The app is ready to go!

Instaling iTouchmidi on your computer

Running the iTouchMidi desktops apps and setting up

Assuming you already have any iTM app installed on your device and correct iTouchMidi desktop app on your computer:

When you run any iTouchMidi OSX app a light gray iTM icon should show up in status menu

iTouchMidi OSX status icon

When a iTM app successfully connects to the server the icon should turn dark gray

iTouchMidi OSX connected status icon

Remember to set up your network before starting the apps !

If you use a router:

connect your computer and your device to the router network

To create direct network:

in airport icon select "create network" option

Airport create network step 1

(remember to set up security if using in public !)

Airport create network step 2

connect your device to the newly created network

Airport create network step 3

If you experience problems connecting to the server:

If it is the first time you run iTM after instal please reboot your computer and your device

If problems persist after reboot and you have a firewall running (either OSX or router)
please check if iTouchMidi network is operational when the firewall is temporarily disabled

Firewall settings:

OSX 10.5: iTouchMidi OSX apps should be set to "allow incoming connections"

OSX 10.4 and some routers: We are currently waiting for apple technical info on how to set these
for now we kindly ask you to disable firewall with caution while you intend to use iTM apps
(some routers work perfectly without requiring any firewall settings, ex: Apple, Asus)

Important: if you have any of these firewall related issues,
please contact us,
we need some log data to send report to apple

Select appropriate iTouchMidi ports in your midi application

Detailed daw related setup info is expected to be supplied by the daw manufacturer itself on its own docs
usually each daw has its own section for midi setup, midi learning, control surface setup, etc
ableton live has it, logic has it and all the others have them as well

we strongly advise you to read your daw documentation

For iTM MCU select iTouchMidi MCU ports as Mackie Control ports in your application control surfaces setup
For other apps enable iTouchMidi ports in your application midi setup and / or select them as input for relevant tracks
If you are also running iTouchMidi OSX2 to use 2 devices enable iTouchMidi 2 ports as well

Ableton Live midi preferences setup example

Ableton Live Midi Preferences

Launch iTM app in your iPhone / iTouch

On a first run you should see a servers list with your host machine listed

Online iTM Servers List

If nothing shows up on first run reboot both your mac and your device

Select your host machine from the server list

all iTM apps except the free iTM MidiLab feature auto server
It will ask if you want it to memorize the selected server

Note: this behavior has changed in latest app store versions of iTM MCU, iTM Pad, all other apps will follow
new auto server does not ask if you want to memorize and auto turns off after 5 seconds to show server list.


Your iPhone / iTouch needs to be networked with your OSX machine running iTouchMidi,
most current macs have built in airport that can create a wireless network wich your iPhone / iPod touch can connect to

If you wish to avoid airport network on your main machine,
we recommend you to connect it to a wireless router thru ethernet

General FAQ

Is it possible to use USB connections?

As a wireless controller itm uses wifi, if fact, despite all our efforts requesting alternative method there is no way to network iphone os devices and computers without wifi.

Usb is mainly for file transfer / itunes sync.

We have been recommending users to create their own ad hoc (direct) networks when performing.

When i select my computer on the server list nothing happens

Your issue seems looks like firewall blicking bonjour communication, if possible try it with firewall off.

If it works u should set itouchmidi to work on a fixed port (using the set port option in itouchmidi mcu status bar icon menu) and open that port in your firewall preferences.

How many devices can i use simultaneously with ITM software?

If you are on ox there is no set limit for the number of devices you can connect.

For each device to connect you just need to duplicate the iTocuhMidi OSX appliacation and configure each one with its own bonjour name and midiport.

ITM Keys

iTM Keys does not need any midi configuration
to use it just create a midi track
enable iTouchMidi as input for the track (or any if your daw has this setting)
record enable the track and play

Ableton Live track input example

Ableton Live track input setup


instructions texts

ITM Matrix

iTM Matrix sends note on events,

If you intend to use it as a sample trigger
create a midi track with your desired sampler
enable iTouchMidi as input for the track (or any if your daw has this setting)
record enable the track and play

If you intend to use it as a clip trigger or any midi parameter controller in Ableton Live
Enter midi learn mode
Map each clip slot by selecting it with the mouse then tap on the desired iTM Matrix cell

to be able to transfer layouts to and form the desktop you need to use the new iTouchMidi OSX 1.3.5

To transfer layout from iTM Matrix to the desktop use the send to desktop button in layouts menu
To transfer layouts from desktop to iTM Matrix drag the .itm file to iTouchMidi OSX dock icon

Our new experiments with iTM navigation / control / config continue

you will notice an iTM logo

you can drag it around so it does not get in you way even with full screen operation

you can double tap iTM to enter config mode, it will pulse while in config mode

in config mode tap iTM to bring up config menu
with no selected cells you can:
select layout
create new layout (1 * 1 -> 8 * 8)
save current layout
delete current layout

with selected cells you can:
config cells color, text color, label and active status

in config mode tap the white buttons with midi data info to config cell events

Ableton Live midi mapping example

Ableton Live midi learn button

Ableton Live midi map step 1

Ableton Live midi learn step 2

Ableton Live midi learn step 3

FAQ Matrix

iTM Matrix works with traktor pro?

All iTM products are compatible with traktor or any other native instruments product.

You can test with the free itm midilab.


iTM Pad send continuos controller (cc) events
To use it properly you need to map those ccs to the parameter you want to control

In your daw enter midi learn mode:

- Select the midi parameter you want to control on horizontal axis and tap the lower half of the XYPad

- Select the midi parameter you want to control on vertical axis ant tap the higher half of the XYPad

- If you have the multi page version, you can select another page and map it to different parameters


iTM MCU uses Mackie Control protocol

It does not need any configuration except setting the iTouchMidi MCU ports as Mackie Control ports

Remember that if you want midi feedback to work in iTM MCU or iTM Matrix you need to enable both midi in and midi out ports


MCU works with the Garageband?

We have actually investigated a little about icontrol protocol, it is the only one supported by gb but we could not find much info on it.

We cannot really promise gb compatibility as gb does not seem to support any other protocol for control surfaces.

How to configure Logic audio with iTouch MCU?

To configure itm mcu in logic:

preferences -> control surfaces - > setup

create new (mackie control) and set it to use iTouchMidi MCU midi in and out ports
(remember you always need to be running iTouchMidi MCU for the ports to be active!)


Software setup (Traktor example) :

1 - Go to Midi preferences or Midi setup and enable the iTouchMidi ports
(some softwares may not have Midi preferences and listen to all available ports, no interface setup is needed )

Traktor midi setup

2- To use iTM DJ in your DJ software you need to map the controls to the software,
we have templates for for Traktor and Traktor pro available for download in our site,
for quick and easy setup just load the correct template in Traktor midi setup screen,
remapping is pretty easy in the Traktor so you can modify our supplied templates to suit your own taste.
if no template is available for your software you have to create your own mappings using your software Midi learning engine, please check you software documentation for details on midi mapping.

We appreciate if you can send us your templates for different softwares so we can provide them for other users ;)

User interface :

Dj interface

1- EQ / FX controls : 4 knobs to the left and right of the interface, used to control the equalizer or the fx

2- Gains : when you click on the Gains button it shows two knobs that drop down
Clicking on it again makes the small panel slides back up and you can fully see the volume controls for your two channels .

3- Two channel faders and two headphone cue controls : for controlling the music entrance

4- Sync : enables your track to sync to the other deck.

5- Loop : engages loop mode using the default loop you set in the software.

6- Load : this button offers up the track browsing interface described next. For returning the transport controls you just have to click on it again.

1- Load : after finding your track in the browser, click this load button to load to the appropriate deck in Traktor.
2- This two small up/down arrows on the left side are mapped to Traktors browser Tree, you can traverse through playlists, track collection, iTunes, Explorer
3- The left two up/down buttons are mapped to the track selection browser

Dj interface

7- Settings: Here you can change knob sensitivity if you wish. For returning to the iTM DJ interface click in the button again.

Dj interface

8- FX : the FX Knobs ( 4 knobs to the left and right of the interface ) default to a 7 O’clock position.

9- Transport controls:
The Cue enables you to return to the cue point you have set in the music ;
The Play button starts the music ;
The two small arrows allows you to go forward or back on music.

10- Cross fader : tapping the middle fader expands out the cross fader control.

1 - Arrows buttons : the two small arrows in the left and right side allows you to return back and minimize the crossfader control
2- Cross fader : for scratching

Dj interface


How to get cue audio through earphones/headphones ?

The headphone cue is actually managed by the dj software you use.
Usually to use it you set up one audio out in from the audio card for the main audio and another for headphones cue, then u can use the itm dj cue buttons to enable and disable cue in the dj software.

Is it possible to use the music on my ipod touch and itunes without a dj-program?

All iTM app are midi controllers,they are intended to control any kind of midi software.

As such iTM DJ is not intended to use your music inside the device.
Can i use the ITM DJ with the virtual Dj?/

You can test if iTM is compatible using our free iTM MidiLab

I have itm dj and itm midi can u tell me how to make it work with reason?

Our controller should be setup in reason just like any regular controllers 
or in mcu case like a regular mackie control unit.

Unfortunately we dont have a running copy on my machine to be able to provide u the detailed steps as we would like to.
But you should go to midi preferences and enable the itouchmidi ports
for mcu look for any control surface setup.

We would also advise you to take a quick look at reason doc regarding midi control, it is usually the smallest chapter in docs.

Is there a setup guide to get itm dj and Traktor pro connected?

We advise you to download the available itm dj templates available for download from our website.

You will find a template for traktor and traktor pro,
just import it and u should be set to go ;)