Running the iTouchMidi desktops apps and setting up

Assuming you already have any iTM app installed on your device and correct iTouchMidi desktop app on your computer:

When you run any iTouchMidi OSX app a light gray iTM icon should show up in status menu

iTouchMidi OSX status icon

When a iTM app successfully connects to the server the icon should turn dark gray

iTouchMidi OSX connected status icon

Remember to set up your network before starting the apps !

If you use a router:

connect your computer and your device to the router network

To create direct network:

in airport icon select "create network" option

Airport create network step 1

(remember to set up security if using in public !)

Airport create network step 2

connect your device to the newly created network

Airport create network step 3

If you experience problems connecting to the server:

If it is the first time you run iTM after instal please reboot your computer and your device

If problems persist after reboot and you have a firewall running (either OSX or router)
please check if iTouchMidi network is operational when the firewall is temporarily disabled

Firewall settings:

OSX 10.5: iTouchMidi OSX apps should be set to "allow incoming connections"

OSX 10.4 and some routers: We are currently waiting for apple technical info on how to set these
for now we kindly ask you to disable firewall with caution while you intend to use iTM apps
(some routers work perfectly without requiring any firewall settings, ex: Apple, Asus)

Important: if you have any of these firewall related issues,
please contact us,
we need some log data to send report to apple

Select appropriate iTouchMidi ports in your midi application

Detailed daw related setup info is expected to be supplied by the daw manufacturer itself on its own docs
usually each daw has its own section for midi setup, midi learning, control surface setup, etc
ableton live has it, logic has it and all the others have them as well

we strongly advise you to read your daw documentation

For iTM MCU select iTouchMidi MCU ports as Mackie Control ports in your application control surfaces setup
For other apps enable iTouchMidi ports in your application midi setup and / or select them as input for relevant tracks
If you are also running iTouchMidi OSX2 to use 2 devices enable iTouchMidi 2 ports as well

Ableton Live midi preferences setup example

Ableton Live Midi Preferences

Launch iTM app in your iPhone / iTouch

On a first run you should see a servers list with your host machine listed

Online iTM Servers List

If nothing shows up on first run reboot both your mac and your device

Select your host machine from the server list

all iTM apps except the free iTM MidiLab feature auto server
It will ask if you want it to memorize the selected server

Note: this behavior has changed in latest app store versions of iTM MCU, iTM Pad, all other apps will follow
new auto server does not ask if you want to memorize and auto turns off after 5 seconds to show server list.


Your iPhone / iTouch needs to be networked with your OSX machine running iTouchMidi,
most current macs have built in airport that can create a wireless network wich your iPhone / iPod touch can connect to

If you wish to avoid airport network on your main machine,
we recommend you to connect it to a wireless router thru ethernet

General FAQ

Is it possible to use USB connections?

As a wireless controller itm uses wifi, if fact, despite all our efforts requesting alternative method there is no way to network iphone os devices and computers without wifi.

Usb is mainly for file transfer / itunes sync.

We have been recommending users to create their own ad hoc (direct) networks when performing.

When i select my computer on the server list nothing happens

Your issue seems looks like firewall blicking bonjour communication, if possible try it with firewall off.

If it works u should set itouchmidi to work on a fixed port (using the set port option in itouchmidi mcu status bar icon menu) and open that port in your firewall preferences.

How many devices can i use simultaneously with ITM software?

If you are on ox there is no set limit for the number of devices you can connect.

For each device to connect you just need to duplicate the iTocuhMidi OSX appliacation and configure each one with its own bonjour name and midiport.