ITM Matrix

iTM Matrix sends note on events,

If you intend to use it as a sample trigger
create a midi track with your desired sampler
enable iTouchMidi as input for the track (or any if your daw has this setting)
record enable the track and play

If you intend to use it as a clip trigger or any midi parameter controller in Ableton Live
Enter midi learn mode
Map each clip slot by selecting it with the mouse then tap on the desired iTM Matrix cell

to be able to transfer layouts to and form the desktop you need to use the new iTouchMidi OSX 1.3.5

To transfer layout from iTM Matrix to the desktop use the send to desktop button in layouts menu
To transfer layouts from desktop to iTM Matrix drag the .itm file to iTouchMidi OSX dock icon

Our new experiments with iTM navigation / control / config continue

you will notice an iTM logo

you can drag it around so it does not get in you way even with full screen operation

you can double tap iTM to enter config mode, it will pulse while in config mode

in config mode tap iTM to bring up config menu
with no selected cells you can:
select layout
create new layout (1 * 1 -> 8 * 8)
save current layout
delete current layout

with selected cells you can:
config cells color, text color, label and active status

in config mode tap the white buttons with midi data info to config cell events

Ableton Live midi mapping example

Ableton Live midi learn button

Ableton Live midi map step 1

Ableton Live midi learn step 2

Ableton Live midi learn step 3

FAQ Matrix

iTM Matrix works with traktor pro?

All iTM products are compatible with traktor or any other native instruments product.

You can test with the free itm midilab.