iTM Matrix

iTM Matrix

Fixed bug related to save layouts

Improved menu positioning

Fixed bug latest bugs related to blank screens at start and saving layouts

Fixed bug when remapping midi events

Bundled iTouchMidi Server apps available thru any web browser

Added option to share layouts thru any web browser

Added Ip / port connect

Bug fix regarding filenames of layouts sent from desktop

1.2 RC2 / 1.2
Layout transfer to and from desktop, slight menu changes

1.2 RC1
Fixed feedback, added midi channel config

1.2 RC0
Improved config operation, layouts now file based, save and delete layout options, cell active on/off
Cell event configuration (bug: feedback currently does not work correctly after event reassignment)

Auto sleep disabled
Complete full screen operation (before the status bar area was not responding to touch)

New graphics (credits: gauthier)
Config menu
Auto server 1.1

Auto server, Basic labeling

Intial release

New instructions:

To backup or upload your layouts turn on network share in layouts menu and you will be able to access them from your desktop thru any web browser

In OSX you can use the send to desktop option
To transfer layout from iTM Matrix to the desktop use the send to desktop button in layouts menu
To transfer layouts from desktop to iTM Matrix drag the .itm file to iTouchMidi OSX dock icon

Attention: to be able to send layouts to and form the desktop you need to use iTouchMidi OSX higher than 1.3.5

Our new experiments with iTM navigation / control / config continue

you will notice an iTM logo

you can drag it around so it does not get in you way even with full screen operation

you can double tap iTM to enter config mode, it will pulse while in config mode

in config mode tap iTM to bring up config menu
with no selected cells you can:
select layout
create new layout (1 * 1 -> 8 * 8)
save current layout
delete current layout

with selected cells you can:
config cells color, text color, label and active status

in config mode tap the white buttons with midi data info to config cell events