PowerKeys released / iTM MCU recommended by ProRemote author


We just released PowerKeys on the App Store
while developing iTM i felt a key command launcher would be really usefull so i used Matrix engine,
tweaked it a little to perform this task and PowerKeys was born ...

ProRemote author recommendation

While relaxing a bit from coding i was just checking some forums i had not visited for some weeks,
i was in gearslutz when i noticed a hot thread featuring ProRemote author, Alex

As usual he was being bashed for his market positioning / pricing policy and had ppl trying to use iTM MCU as an example of someone else using his idea and selling it cheaper (actually when ProRemote was released, iTM MCU had already been developed...)

His reply has to be one of the iPhone Dev competion attitude gems around, he recommended iTM MCU !

Tx alot Alex,
we wish you and your products all the best

We actually think it is quite sad that very few people seem to respect his work and decisions
We are sure he already spent lot of time and effort developing his products and is fully entitled to offer them as a pro tool for iPhone OS including pricing
It seems iPhone Dev is being pushed too far for cheap pricing but it will also mean it will be pushed away from more serious developing
It is already quite noticeable the huge gap between App Store offers regarding "serious and usefull" apps and "plain entertainment" ones