General FAQ

Is it possible to use USB connections?

As a wireless controller itm uses wifi, if fact, despite all our efforts requesting alternative method there is no way to network iphone os devices and computers without wifi.

Usb is mainly for file transfer / itunes sync.

We have been recommending users to create their own ad hoc (direct) networks when performing.

When i select my computer on the server list nothing happens

Your issue seems looks like firewall blicking bonjour communication, if possible try it with firewall off.

If it works u should set itouchmidi to work on a fixed port (using the set port option in itouchmidi mcu status bar icon menu) and open that port in your firewall preferences.

How many devices can i use simultaneously with ITM software?

If you are on ox there is no set limit for the number of devices you can connect.

For each device to connect you just need to duplicate the iTocuhMidi OSX appliacation and configure each one with its own bonjour name and midiport.