Notice: Forums and comments are now disabled...

Dear users,

due to the escalating spamming on our website
we were forced to disable the forum and comments across the website

please excuse both for the annoyance of the cause and for the inconvenience of the solution

if you need any kind of support we are available thru the Support Request Form
if you wish to provide us with your welcome feedback feel free to use the Contact Form

you can still search the forums using the search box
(just dont click any suspicious links as we are still cleaning them...)

we hope this situation is as brief as possible as we hope to quickly implement better forum engine
and to recover the old forum content after cleaning up all the garbage...

as usual we appreciate your suggestions on best ways to prevent this kind of alien invasion to happen again...



ps: we keep looking for itm users interested in working with us to create some proper docs,
(we keep having problems to properly outsource their creation to non itm users...)