iTM Matrix

A button matrix with midi feedback

A matrix of buttons you can use to:
Trigger samples
Launch clips in Ableton Live session view with feedback
(shows wich clips are playing even if mouse triggered or use follow actions)

iTM Matrix

iTM Matrix 1.2.7 Features:

Unlimited Matrix layouts (1X1 -> 8X8) with Midi Feedback
User configurable colors, labels and events
Transfer layouts to and from the desktop

Compatible with: Ableton Live, Garageband, Logic Pro and Express, Pro Tools, Digital Performer, Cubase, Finale, Sibelius, Reason
(more will be added as they are reported)

New instructions:

Windows users need to use network sharing to access MAtrix Layouts
To enable sharing, use the enable share button on layouts menu
an alert will pop up showing the address (ip:port) you need to enter in your web browser to access layouts
in your computer point your web browser to the the mentioned address
you will have acess to all your layouts in Matrix, right click on the and choose save as to backup them
you can use the upload layout to get your backed up layouts into Matrix
after you are done, remember to turn network sharing off

Tip: if your browser supports bonjour network like safari you can take advantage of it,
to have iTM Matrix showing up automatically in your bonjour bookmarks enable bonjour bookmarks in browser preferences

OSX users can either use network sharing or the send to desktop option
To transfer layout from iTM Matrix to the desktop use the send to desktop button in layouts menu
To transfer layouts from desktop to iTM Matrix drag the .itm file to iTouchMidi OSX dock icon

You will notice an iTM logo

you can drag it around so it does not get in you way even with full screen operation

you can double tap iTM to enter config mode, it will bring up config menu and pulse while in config mode

Config mode
with no selected cells you can:
select layout
create new layout (1 * 1 -> 8 * 8)
save current layout (rename)
delete current layout
enable sharing
send to desktop (osx only)

with selected cells you can:
config cells color, text color, label and active status

in config mode tap the white buttons with midi data info to config cell events

Version history of iTM Matrix
version history

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