iTM Pad

iTM Pad is one of the first additions to the iTM suite

A midi trackpad that you use to control all different parameters,
filters, effects, faders, pans, etc
If it is variable you can control it with iTM XYPad

iTM Pad

iTM Pad 1.2.9 Features:

Touch Pad with 5 assignment pages to control different parameters
3 midi mappable function button per page
Spring to default X button, set default on double tap
Safe mode, all buttons slide away when iTM logo is tapped
Defaults are saved when iTM logo is double tapped
Auto Server

CC assignments:

Page A: cc10 on X axis : cc11 on Y axis : cc20 on f1 : cc21 on f2 : cc22 on f3
Page B: cc12 on X axis : cc13 on Y axis : cc23 on f1 : cc24 on f2 : cc25 on f3
Page C: cc14 on X axis : cc15 on Y axis : cc26 on f1 : cc27 on f2 : cc28 on f3
Page D: cc16 on X axis : cc17 on Y axis : cc29 on f1 : cc30 on f2 : cc31 on f3
Page E: cc18 on X axis : cc19 on Y axis : cc32 on f1 : cc33 on f2 : cc34 on f3

Compatible with:
Ableton Live, Logic Pro and Express, Pro Tools, Digital Performer, Cubase, Mackie Tracktion, Modul8, Motion, Reason
(more will be added as they are reported)


  • Suitable for any wheel, knob, or 3-D controller,
    ex: you might assign it to a Pan knob and use it to control where a particular track appears in the stereo field
  • It comes with five presets which are presented as 1,2,3,4 and 5 buttons.
    Assign each button to a different controller in your DAW and then tap a button to play with the controller assigned to it.
  • You can leave each controller open so that the control point stays where you leave it or lock it so that as soon as you stop touching it, it moves quickly back to the center

Version history of iTM Pad
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